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A complete Oculus Rift setup won't cost more than $1,500

A complete Oculus Rift setup won't cost more than $1,500


The CEO sets expectations

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This month, Oculus gave its Rift virtual-reality headset an approximate ship date: early next year. So far, the Facebook-owned company hasn't said much about price, other than to say they'd like it to stay between $200 and $400. Today at the Code Conference, Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe put a concrete number on a complete setup for the Rift: $1,500, which would include both the headset itself and the PC needed to run it.

Oculus released its preferred specifications for a PC that works with Oculus earlier this month, and we priced it out at around $1,000. That suggests the Rift headset could wind up being more expensive than we previously thought. Iribe also suggested that there will be additional "solutions" that would create a more expensive setup, which could refer to peripherals. "There will be solutions that are more than [$1,500] that give you an even richer, bigger holodeck experience," he said.