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Google is bringing Justin Lin's Spotlight Stories film to the iPhone

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Earlier today we found out that Google was releasing a new short film from Fast and Furious director Justin Lin straight to Android devices, and soon iOS users will be able to get in on the fun as well. Spotlight Stories is a series of videos and short films that originally launched on the Moto X, serving as a sort of creative playground for animators and filmmakers interested in making projects specifically for smartphone screens. Google recently released Spotlight Stories as a standalone app, opening up the projects to a much broader selection of Android devices, using Lin's short Help as the latest marquee release. According to Variety, the app will soon be available on the iPhone as well.

As Variety details, Help was shot with a custom camera rig made up of four RED cameras, each shooting in 6K resolution. The resulting footage was then stitched together to create the film, in which audiences can look around in a 360-degree field of view as an alien attack descends upon Los Angeles. According to the report, versions of the Spotlight Stories are going to be released on Google's mobile YouTube apps as well, giving as many people as possible the opportunity to check out the different projects. While the Spotlight Stories app doesn't appear to be live in the App Store just yet, the team behind Spotlight Stories is expected to talk more about the program later this week during the Google I/O conference, o we hope to hear more about it then.