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Google I/O 2015: Keynote, live stream, schedule and more for Day 1

Google I/O 2015: Keynote, live stream, schedule and more for Day 1


Here's what to expect and where to watch Google's big event

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Follow along with our live blog right here!

Google I/O 2015 is about to overwhelm guests at San Francisco's Moscone Center with big announcements for the company's latest projects. We are on the ground to bring that experience to your eyes and ears during the event, spanning May 28th and 29th, but that shouldn't preclude you from enjoying the two-and-a-half-hour keynote and numerous sessions in real time.

What should you expect to see? An excellent question from a curious mind! The biggie is Android M, the latest version of Android revealed in the I/O schedule with this vague detail: "[Android M] brings power of Android to all kinds of workplaces." Hopefully we'll learn its real name, so we can stop using what sounds like the codename for a new Metroid. We might also see Google's stand-alone photo service, a reimagined version of the photo software that's singlehandedly made Google+ worthwhile. Will Google Photo take the throne as the best way to manage your photos online?

Be on the lookout for updates to Android Wear, Google Cardboard, Chrome, and of course cars that drive themselves, because what would a tech event in 2015 be without a demonstration of technology we probably won't see in earnest for at least a decade? And if you're into risky bets, maybe Google will reimagine Glass with improved augmented reality features — as if it was Hololens all along.

Of course, there's only one genuine reason to watch Google I/O, and it's the debut of this live-action short from Fast and Furious 6 director Justin Lin. Go watch it before everything begins!

How to watch

Starting time: San Francisco: 9:30AM / New York: 12:30PM / London: 5:30PM / Berlin 6:30PM / Moscow: 7:30PM / Beijing: 12:30AM (May 29th) / Tokyo: 1:30AM (May 29th) / Sydney 2:30AM (May 29th).

Live blog: Tune into The Verge live blog for up-to-the-second updates, commentary, and pictures directly from the venue.

Keynote live streaming: Google's live stream is available via the company's own website.

Sessions live streaming: You can also watch sessions throughout the two-day event right here. Here are a few sessions we recommend, all listed in Pacific Time. 1PM - 2PM: What's new in Android. 4PM - 5PM: Growing games with Google.

Live tweeting: Follow @Verge on Twitter for the latest headlines and specs as they emerge.

After the keynote: Tune into The Vergecast for a very special Google-filled episode.

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