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Cult-hit browser game Fallen London is coming to iPhone

Cult-hit browser game Fallen London is coming to iPhone


The Unterzee in your pocket

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The bleak, terrifying world of Fallen London is coming to your phone. Developer Failbetter Games has announced that the cult-classic browser game will be making the jump to iOS later this year.

Fallen London iPhone

First launched in 2009, Fallen London is a sort of cross between a text-adventure and a role playing game, tasking you with simply surviving its murky, gothic world. It takes place in an alternate, hellish version of Victorian London that's been dropped right next to a vast, dark ocean known as the Unterzee. You create your own character and decide your own path, whether that's exploring mysteries or racking up a fortune. Since launch the game has been regularly updated with new stories and locations, and garnered a dedicated audience thanks to its unique world and wonderful writing. Last year it spawned a spin-off with the roguelike adventure Sunless Sea.

The iOS version will feature all of the same content as its browser counterpart — all 1.2 million words of it — and you can share your progress across both versions. Fallen London on iOS will also support offline play. No word on a specific release date just yet, but the game should eventually make its way to other mobile platforms as well. "We're developing for iOS first," Failbetter CEO Alexis Kennedy says, "and are very hopeful that an Android version will follow." You can try the original, browser-based version of the game right here.