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Moleskine releases a gorgeous, minimalist calendar app for iPhone

Moleskine releases a gorgeous, minimalist calendar app for iPhone


And an Apple Watch companion, too

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Moleskine's journals aren't necessarily better than other journals, but their sleek style and purported history makes writers want to use them. Now, Moleskine is trying something similar with calendars — but it's making a calendar app, rather than a physical book. That app is called TimePage, and it's being released today. At least from the look of its photos, TimePage appears to be a gorgeous, minimalistic, and helpful calendar with design elements that feel like they could have been lifted out of a notebook page. A companion Apple Watch app is being released, too.

Like the journals, it's all about style

Minimalistic apps have a bad habit of being less useful and more confusing by nature of their design — see the Peek Calendar, for instance. TimePage appears to borrow the same type of simplicity from the to-do list app Clear, relying on swipes and gestures to accomplish most tasks. The benefit is that each page is filled with stark, bright colors and cleanly presented text, which looks great on a phone.

Seemingly working off of the idea of a notebook page, TimePage doesn't have a monthly overview: it just displays a list of the coming days. It won't even hide days that you don't have events in. They'll just show up, empty or filled with historical information. That alone could make TimePage a nonstarter for a lot of people who rely on mobile calendar apps for scheduling and planning.

The app gets a bit more detailed when you pull up a specific event. If the event has a location associated with it, TimePage will display a map of the area, information on how long it'll take to get there, and what the weather is like nearby. It integrates with Uber, too, allowing you to hail a car. The Watch app displays some of this same information, including your upcoming events and the weather.

TimePage is going live in the App Store today for $4.99. At the very least, aspirational calendar users should be excited to try it out.