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New Xbox One controller will have a standard headphone jack

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Microsoft is planning to release a refreshed Xbox One controller next month, complete with a new headphone jack. The software giant has revealed its plans in a Xbox One support article, noting that new controllers "released after June 2015" will include a new 3.5mm audio port to connect any type of headphones. Existing Xbox One controllers do not include a headphone jack, and owners have to purchase a separate stereo headset adapter to use headphones with the controller.

Microsoft is planning its own E3 press event on June 15th, so it’s reasonable to assume this updated controller will be part of the announcements at the show. However, a new controller does raise some interesting questions. The current stereo headset adapter provides volume and mute controls straight from the controller, and it’s not clear if the upcoming Xbox One controller will include any additional features to support this. A new controller also hints that Microsoft could be considering a hardware refresh or minor changes to the Xbox One itself. Microsoft’s console has a large footprint in a living room setup, and the software maker has previously refreshed its Xbox 360 with refined and slimmer versions. It might be too early for such a refresh at E3, but updating the controller certainly hints that Microsoft is looking to make Xbox One hardware changes.