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Cortana for Windows 10 will search Dropbox and Google Drive on Lenovo PCs

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Microsoft and Lenovo are partnering together to enhance the Cortana digital assistant in Windows 10. At Tech World, Lenovo’s first global technology event, Lenovo Chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing announced a unique partnership with Microsoft that allows the company to extend Cortana to non-Microsoft services. While Cortana in Windows 10 will search local PC content and data stored in OneDrive, Lenovo’s REACHit service will allow Cortana to search for files on Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box.

Lenovo is planning to launch a beta version of its REACHit Cortana integration once Windows 10 is available this summer, and a final version will be released in the fall. The integration appears to be entirely seamless, with file results shown within the Cortana search interface and not a separate app. Lenovo's REACHit service also uses location data to allow Cortana users to query for documents that were edited at a particular location. The combination is yet another interesting move by Microsoft to extend its own platforms to rival cloud services. Microsoft partnered with Dropbox last year to let Office users open and store documents directly to and from Dropbox.