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Google's ambitious Inbox app is now available to everyone

Google's ambitious Inbox app is now available to everyone

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After eight months as an invitation-only app, Google's Inbox is now available to everyone — and it's getting some new features to mark the occasion. The email app was first released in October last year as Google's attempt to reinvent its email offering. Available on iOS, Android, and in the Chrome, Safari, and Firefox desktop browsers, Inbox has a number of useful tricks up its sleeve, including the ability to snooze messages; a feature that automatically bundles emails together in groups like Purchases and Travel; and a Google Now-style card system that scoops important details out of your emails to save you from hunting through your inbox for information like flight times.

Inbox lets you undo sent messages for the first time on mobile

As part of the update for the app released today, Gmail users can now undo sent messages from their phone, with Inbox allowing them to take back a message "right after sending" if they spot a mistake. Google is also adding the option to make deleting the default action when swiping emails, and is integrating its to-do list app Keep a little more tightly. Reminders created in Keep will now appear in Inbox, and the app will suggest adding Reminders for any to-dos received by email. Google is also partnering with HotelTonight and Eat24 to let users do more without leaving the app, making reservations and food orders accessible directly within Inbox.

Google's senior vice president, Sundar Pichai, announced these updates at Google I/O this morning, adding that the company now has more than 900 million active monthly Gmail users, with 75 percent of these using Google's Gmail mobile app. While updates like today's show that Google's ambitions for Inbox go way beyond just email, the company has a long way to go before it even begins to match the popularity of Gmail.