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HBO is developing a space alien talk show starring TJ Miller

HBO is developing a space alien talk show starring TJ Miller

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With Real Time with Bill Maher and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver going strong, it looks like HBO is making way for a new breed of late-night show. According to The Wrap, the network just ordered a Funny or Die pilot for The Gorburger Show, which will star Silicon Valley's TJ Miller as animatronic space monster Gorburger interviewing celebrities as a way of understanding humanity.

The Gorburger Show originated on YouTube in 2012, wherein Gorburger invades a Japanese morning talk show, kills the guest and hosts, and decides, hey, he might as well learn something about people after all that murder. The bizarre digital series ran for two seasons, and showed off a slight Space Ghost: Coast to Coast-esque sensibility as Gorburger interviewed the likes of Tegan & Sara and Jack Black.

The HBO pilot will feature Moby, Ed Helms, and Johnny Knoxville. To be completely honest, we have no idea how this show will work if it ever gets a full series order, but we're fascinated by the attempt and congratulate Miller on convincing HBO it deserves a shot.