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Amazon plans on selling its own brand of groceries

Amazon plans on selling its own brand of groceries

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Amazon wants to completely replace your supermarket. Sources tell The Wall Street Journal that the company plans on selling its own private line of perishable foods, including milk, cereal, and baby food. The move expands on the e-commerce site's other private label brands, and could help position it as a one-stop shop for all consumers' deliverable needs.

Amazon is already being aggressive with its Prime delivery service

The Journal reports that Amazon is in talks with private-label companies like TreeHouse Foods to partner on the venture and help design the products. The goods will presumably be made available via the AmazonFresh service, which is currently available in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. The company is already being aggressive with its Prime delivery service; just last week, it announced that it would partner with local stores in Manhattan to delivery groceries, baked goods, and meals.

Amazon already has an array of brands, like Elements, Basics, and Pantry, so the expansion into perishable goods might seem natural for the company. It even has a patio furniture brand with Strathwood and Pinzon. But that doesn't mean quality is assured. Last year, it launched a line of diapers that was pulled only a month later after customers complained.

Still, selling its own goods means Amazon is prepared to compete with companies like Target and Walgreens, in addition to the mom-and-pop store around the corner. Both companies already have their own brands, and have earned customer loyalty in the process. If Amazon can earn our trust with its own goods, there'll be one less reason to turn to other brands for what we eat.