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The new Google Photos is now available for Android, iOS, and the web

The new Google Photos is now available for Android, iOS, and the web


Go get that free storage

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We're pretty enthusiastic around here for the all-new Google Photos, and now it's available to everyone to try. On the web, you can visit it at Or you can download the app for Android or iOS. The new service, which has "graduated" from Google+, now offers unlimited storage of photos up to 16 megapixels and video shot in 1080p. You can also store higher-resolution imagery in Google Photos, though it will count against the 15 GB of free storage you get with your Google account.

Photos organizes your images using powerful face detection and machine learning, and lets you search for photos by keyword even if the photos aren't tagged in any way. And an "assistant" feature will back up photos to the cloud as soon as you shoot them, then let you know when it's okay to delete them and free up space on your device. Google has also built in some clever sharing tools to make it easy to drag a box around a few photos and share them with friends with a couple of clicks. Folks worried about Google having access to more of their data will likely be scared away from the new service. But for everyone else, it's a powerful solution to a real problem — and now it's free.