Dodge teases a concept car that looks crazier than a Viper

And it’s coming to your PlayStation 3


Well over a year after Gran Turismo 6 first came out, we're still getting some sweet new concept cars through the Vision Gran Turismo project. The latest comes from Dodge, and while we're not quite sure exactly what it will look like, it seems clear that it will definitely look cool. Called the SRT Tomahawk, the car is described as a "single-seat hybrid powertrain concept vehicle." Based off of the first few teaser images, it has a pretty sleek design, with some definite Dodge Viper influences. The full unveiling is expected to happen "soon." Past Vision Gran Turismo cars have included everything from Chevrolet's spaceship inspired supercar to Renault's crazy vision of a futuristic racecar. All of the cars are available as free downloadable content for GT6 on PS3. For more on how they're designed, be sure to check out our feature on the Toyota FT-1.

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