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Uber reveals plans for a giant glass headquarters in San Francisco

It's a rite of passage for so many tech companies: building their first wildly ambitious, kind of ridiculous, and generally stunning headquarters to accommodate a ballooning headcount as growth explodes. Uber is the latest to start working on a new HQ, and design mockups for the building were released this week.

Uber is planning a towering, two-building campus in San Francisco's Mission Bay neighborhood with 423,000 square feet of office space — enough to fit over 3,000 people, reports SFGate. From the outside, the buildings look like glass warehouses: they're almost entirely transparent aside from a series of steel beams outlining their edges. The two buildings, one rising up 11 stories and the other six stories, are connected by three slanted bridges, also almost entirely covered in glass.

Though it's transparent from the outside, Uber plans to have a bit more going on inside. Rather than having an open office, it's decided to set up a series of small groups of workstations and shared spaces, according to Dezeen. The architects also plan to integrate shops in the ground level of both buildings, which is important for keeping the area vibrant.

Uber hopes to open the offices in late 2017 or early 2018, according to SFGate. Construction reportedly begins this fall.

All images credit Shop Architects.


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