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German prosecutor to investigate state spy agency’s partnership with the NSA

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The case is in 'preliminary' stages

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

The German parliament recently revealed that the country's electronic surveillance agency BND had been helping the NSA spy on European politicians and defense contractors for over a decade. Now Germany's top public prosecutor will investigate to see if the country's NSA partnership was violating any laws, Reuters reports.

As part of an ongoing agreement, the BND fed sensitive data to the NSA, including communications between several German and French politicians, as well as defense contractors like Airbus, European Aeronautic Defense, and Space Company. In response to a review of the agreement, the German parliament said it hoped to limit the selector terms used by the NSA in data collection, which would be a small, but still noticeable move toward suppressing the NSA's overreach.

The revelations follow years of distrust and disagreements over NSA surveillance between the US and Germany. In 2013, it was revealed that the US had been monitoring German chancellor Angela Merkel's phone for at least a decade. A spokesperson from the prosecutor's office told Reuters this weekend that a "preliminary investigation" into the legality of the agencies' unlikely partnership has begun.