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Star Wars: Episode VII toys will hit store shelves on September 4th

Star Wars: Episode VII toys will hit store shelves on September 4th

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A new Star Wars trilogy is certainly a big movie event, but make no mistake: it's also a major merchandise opportunity. And Disney has now revealed when we'll be able to open our wallets and buy all manner of Force Awakens-branded shirts, toys, books, posters, collectibles, apps, and more.

In a preposterously worded press release, the company says that "products will land in our galaxy on September 4th, 2015, at 12:01AM," a day that's being dubbed "Force Friday." Midnight openings around the world will feature "a special celebration of all things Star Wars." The company adds, "It will be a day long remembered."

star wars force awakens toy box

Merchandise has long been one of the greatest successes of the Star Wars empire — the ability to sell toys, trinkets, and everything else year after year is a monumental business achievement. Of course, a new movie does a great deal to boost sales.

Of course, we don't yet have any specific details on what kind of toys to expect. This February at Toy Fair, the largest North American toy convention, The Force Awakens was nearly a no-show. Disney has kept details on the film under lock and key, and that means toymakers aren't allowed to show off any of their wares based on the movie. But the mystery will be unveiled this September.