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Watch the Solar Impulse 2 takeoff live from Nanjing, China

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Takeoff is scheduled for 6PM UTC

Pilot André Borschberg is about to fly solo from Nanjing, China to Hawaii in a cramped, cold, solar-powered plane, the Solar Impulse 2. Solar Impulse is currently streaming today's takeoff, which has been delayed several times due to inclement weather, live. Takeoff is planned for 6PM UTC, or 2PM ET.

The flight should take a five full days. It's the longest leg of the plane's 12-segment around-the-world journey, during which Borschberg has shared piloting duties with Bertrand Piccard. We recently spoke to Borschberg about the challenges he'll face during the flight, like sleeping in 20-minute bursts at deep-freeze temperatures.

If it's successful, the 120-hour flight will break the record for duration of a solo aircraft flight, which currently stands at 67 hours and one minute. The pilots began their journey in March, and after five more legs, plan to arrive back in Abu Dhabi.