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Mad Max before and after shots show what’s real and what's fake

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Much has been made of the incredible practical stunts used in Mad Max: Fury Road, but the final product that hit movie screens is the result of combining those stunning special effects with some deft visual effects. Now, thanks to Fxguide, we can see just where the reality ends and the CGI begins. The site has obtained original before and after shots from Warner Bros. that show how the visual effects worked in conjunction with all of the real-life stunts shot for the movie.

As you can see, the CGI work primarily served to enhance what was shot on camera — extra vehicles and people are composited into the sides of some shots, while other CGI work adds depth to the frame in other scenes. And since much of the film was shot in the flat deserts of Namibia, those spectacular cliffs had to be added in as well. Be sure to check out Fxguide for more comparison shots and much more on the effects work done on the film.

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