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How pretentious is your taste in movies?

How pretentious is your taste in movies?


The Pretentious-O-Meter thinks it knows

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The Pretentious-O-Meter is a new website that aims to gauge how snooty your taste in film really is. Created by web developer Niall Beard, the site collects user-generated movie ratings from IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, and compares them with critics' scores. The greater the difference, the higher a film's pretentiousness.

The 2004 film Sideways, for instance, is considered 100 percent pretentious because ratings from critics were a lot higher than those from the online public. But movies like Argo and Stand By Me come in at 0 percent pretentious because both critics and audiences gave them similarly positive reviews. At the other end of the spectrum are films like Machete Kills, which the site rates as 77 percent "mass market" because audience online reviews were generally higher than their critical counterparts (they were both pretty low). Then there's a whole lot of middle-ground meh territory, where you'll find movies like Garden State, which is 33 percent mass market and generally well-reviewed despite also being very terrible. But maybe I'm just pretentious.

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