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Google+ is launching Pinterest-style boards called Collections

Google+ is launching Pinterest-style boards called Collections

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Google+ is trying something a bit different today with the announcement of Collections, a new feature that allows users to create boards of images, videos, and other content categorized around specific interests. The feature sounds a whole lot like Google's take on a Pinterest board: it allows users to make multiple collections, fill them with images, and follow public collections that they're interested in.

Recreating other sites' features has historically gone very well… right?

Collections is currently listed as "coming soon," though Android Police says that it's heard the feature will begin to roll out today. In screenshots obtained by Android Police, Collections looks like little more than a normal Google+ page, albeit dedicated to a specific subject rather than a company or user. It also appears that users will be able to look through a list of the collections from people they follow — presumably, there will also be a way to browse public collections, too.

Given that Google+ has kind of always been a mashup of other social networks, this is perhaps not an entirely illogical area for Google to test the waters. Then again, Google could probably ask Facebook (or the Google+ team) how much success is found in recreating popular features from other sites and apps.

Update May 4th, 2:15PM ET: Google has announced that Collections are being made available today on Android and the web. Support for iOS is "coming later." Collections still appears to be rolling out, however. Some boards are visible to the public, like this one about cats, while others seem to be directing people back to the feature's welcome page.