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A new Justice League animated series will debut online next month

A new Justice League animated series will debut online next month


Part of Machinima's new lineup of original content

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Machinima's ambitions have only expanded since the days of Halo: 4 Forward Unto Dawn. As part of its Newfronts presentation in New York City today, the company announced that it has teamed up with Warner Bros. Animation and DC Comics to create new online series for comics fans, starting with two seasons of a new Justice League animated series.

Next month will see the debut of Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles, created by beloved DC Animated Universe mastermind Bruce Timm. The series, which was first announced last fall, will focus on darker, alternate versions of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman with whole new origin stories. (Superman is the son of General Zod, for instance.) The show will pave the way to a feature length film, which will be released next month, and a second season due out next year.

In addition, DC has two other new shows on the way. The first, #4Hero, is a live-action web series that's a modern take on the classic Dial H for Hero comic from the 1960s. The second, DC's Hero Project, involves contestants competing to create live-action videos based on the Starman comic. All three efforts should well help DC compete with Marvel online, especially since the release of the Daredevil streaming series last month.

Machinima says it's the ninth largest video entertainment platform in the US

Machinima boasted that it has grown to be the ninth largest video entertainment platform in the States, and it's teaming up with a wide variety of talent for its next stable of shows. The company also announced that horror icon Clive Barker is currently onboard to launch a web series about online urban legends. Titled Clive Barker's Creepy Pasta, the series will feature live-action adaptations of popular (if horrifying) viral stories like Slender Man and Jeff the Killer, all culled from the creepypasta community by Barker himself. Amazing Spider-Man 2 screenwriter Roberto Orci is also working on a show called High School 51, about a school hidden deep inside Area 51.