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Google tests putting more tweets in your mobile search results

Google tests putting more tweets in your mobile search results

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A few months ago, Google reached a major deal with Twitter that gave the search engine much broader access to the thousands of tweets posted every minute. And now the company has started integrating them into search results on smartphones. As picked up by Search Engine Land, Google has begun showing relevant (and very recent) tweets when users search for certain trending topics. Today for example, tweets are appearing for search queries around "May the 4th be with you" and "Carly Fiorina." So far, the company is only calling this a "small experiment," so the final integration that Google chooses for Twitter content could look a bit different than these screenshots. Google already surfaces important or popular tweets when they clearly pertain to your search term, but this partnership gives the company a much deeper peek at Twitter activity as it happens.

MayThe4th Google twitter

For now, they're grouped in a carousel that users can swipe through for additional tweets. And it's most definitely a small test; only select users are seeing tweets in mobile search results right now. Twitter CEO Dick Costolo said web users would begin seeing the deeper ties between both companies in May, and Google seems to be meeting that timeline (albeit in the form of a test). On Friday, Google+ launched its own Twitter account — four years after Google's social network was introduced.