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Lonely Apple Watch owners are looking for heartbeats online

Lonely Apple Watch owners are looking for heartbeats online

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The Apple Watch's ability to share users' heartbeats is touted by the company as one of the device's unique social functions. Alongside being able to send taps and drawings to fellow Watch users, Apple describes sharing your heartbeat as "a simple and intimate way to tell someone how you feel." However, some new Apple Watch owners have found they're missing one key ingredient needed to use this feature: someone to actually share their heartbeat with.

checking for a pulse

But, of course, the internet is here to help. As first reported by Wired, solitary Apple Watch owners are joining communities like r/lonelyheartbeats to find potential matches for their pulse, dropping their email addresses into the void alongside plaintive cries for a little digital kinship. "It's been over a week, need some taps," says user HarriRyanson. "Let's Get Started!!!" is littlelittlebigboy's favored battlecry. "Please add me (I draw very few dicks)!" is the sober note from user ifauve.

Dick drawing, however, is apparently as common as beating hearts. Redditor nooshaw — the moderator of r/lonelyheartbeats — tells Wired that pics of genitals are "the norm," while another user, HelloKiitty, explains that a lot of sign-ups simply want to try out the Watch's most intimate feature once; they're not trying to build relationships. For those users stuck in heartbeat limbo, matched with a partner but finding it hard to take it to the next level, we offer the following advice: have you tried drawing something that isn't a dick?