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Microsoft offers up to $150 to swap its obsolete RT tablets for a Surface 3

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Microsoft’s new Surface 3 tablet goes on sale in the US today, and the software maker has a trade-in offer ready for Surface RT and Surface 2 owners. Both of the Windows RT-powered tablets won’t be upgraded to Windows 10, and Microsoft is offering up to $150 to trade them in for a Surface 3. Microsoft’s latest Surface is a smaller and less powerful version of the Surface Pro 3, and it supports traditional desktop apps and will get a free upgrade to Windows 10 once it’s available this summer.

Microsoft’s trade-in offer is for a limited time, and available in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico only. You won’t get the full $150 for a Surface RT (released in 2012), as the max is $100, but Microsoft is offering up to $150 for the Surface 2 (released in 2013). Microsoft will determine and trade-in value based on accessories and working condition and then email a promo code once the device has been sent in. If you’re looking to get rid of a Surface RT or Surface 2 then Microsoft’s trade-in offer is available at the company’s online store.