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'Uber for money' is a real thing now

'Uber for money' is a real thing now


In Poland, anyway

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"Uber for X" has become something of a derogatory phrase in the startup world, but there really isn't a better description for what Poland's Idea Bank is doing: you summon an ATM using an app on your phone, then a car — a rolling bank vault, really — pulls up. What makes this especially unique is that Idea Bank is using a fleet of BMW i3s — Munich's cute, compact electrics — for the service. That may not be the obvious choice for a car that's filled to the headliner with stacks of zlotys.

The service, Mobilny Wpłatomat, is geared primarily toward business owners who've got a wad of cash to deposit into the company's accounts at the end of the business day, and presumably would rather not carry that amount of money into a branch or street ATM. It's fee-free, commission-free, and can be set to automatically show up at an address of your choosing at a predetermined time. Because the service is currently limited to Warsaw, the i3 is a shrewd choice: it'll likely never run beyond its electric range. No gasoline, no emissions.

Correction: The article originally referred to euros, but Poland uses zlotys.