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The Surface 3 has a secret kickstand position

The Surface 3 has a secret kickstand position


Only for the brave

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Microsoft's Surface 3 tablet only has three kickstand positions, but there's a fourth if you're willing to be brave. The secret kickstand position was first discovered on Reddit just over a week ago, and it sounds like the ultimate hoax until you try it. Instructions are simple: just push hard on the kickstand until it snaps and sounds like it's broken. The end result makes the kickstand loose and adjustable, and you can snap it back into the regular positions without breaking it.

This could be useful for drawing, but be careful

The kickstand doesn’t break because this extra position is actually a breakaway feature to ensure the hinge doesn’t ruin the rest of the tablet if you accidentally lean on it. While it’s an extra position, it’s still not as useful as the Surface Pro 3 kickstand, as this final position has no resistance at all. I’ve found that using it for drawing is good, as there's enough of an angle to create a comfortable position for taking notes.

Surface 3 kickstand GIF

Microsoft clearly didn't intend for Surface 3 owners to use this breakaway position regularly. While the original Reddit poster claims a Microsoft employee demonstrated the kickstand position at a retail store recently, Microsoft doesn't officially recommend it. "The kickstand also contains a safety mechanism unique to Surface 3 to help protect the device, but the mechanism is not designed for use as a fourth kickstand position," says a Microsoft spokesperson in a statement to The Verge. Your kickstand probably isn’t going to last forever if you keep using it this way, but if you’re brave, then the option is there.

Update May 5th, 12:50PM ET: Article updated to include a statement from Microsoft.