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Google will reportedly let Android developers A/B test apps on Google Play

Google will reportedly let Android developers A/B test apps on Google Play

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Google is reportedly planning to give Android developers more flexibility on Google Play and will allow apps to display different icons, descriptions, and even prices for various users. The Information reports that Google could introduce this A/B testing feature at the company's I/O conference later this month. It would give app makers a deeper ability to gauge reaction and interest among the millions of people browsing Google Play for new apps and software.

Developers would thus be able see how many more people download an app if it costs $1.99 versus $2.99; or if more people will download an app when its icon is blue-colored rather than red or when the video that offers a preview of the app is animated or live-action, for instance.

The Information notes this would also give developers more options for testing different marketing strategies around the world. An app's icon could focus on a specific feature for one country, and then switch up its design and color scheme entirely for the next.

Keep in mind this freedom extends only to Google Play listings; the app itself remains identical regardless of who downloads it. The idea of different pricing also seems a bit odd; developers might have a tough time drumming up publicity for an app if the amount being charged is constantly in flux. Still, it's an addition that developers will definitely welcome — and one Apple's App Store apparently doesn't have an answer for, according to The Information.