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Tanlines will preview their new album tomorrow... on a conference call

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More often than not, bands that let fans (officially) preview their new albums online tend to pick more social-minded services like Soundcloud, Facebook, and YouTube. (Sometimes NPR is picked for the street cred.) Brooklyn band The Tanlines, however, decided the cool option would be

According to their Instagram post, on Wednesday, May 6th at 2PM ET, you can call 605-562-3140 (access code 874405) and hear the new album Highlights in full. You can call the number now if you'd like to hear various ambient noises interspersed with some smooth jazz. It's probably unrelated to tomorrow's event, but it's definitely high on the "smooth" scale.

It's not quite as elaborate as turning your home page into a Netflix clone, but it's nonetheless intriguing — and it means we can all listen simultaneously. So long as the band mutes all participants, that is.