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New Mirror's Edge could be coming in early 2016

New Mirror's Edge could be coming in early 2016

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It's been a while since we got any substantive news about the follow-up to flawed but beloved parkour game Mirror's Edge. Today, though an Electronic Arts earning filing provided a tentative release date: the fourth fiscal quarter of 2016, otherwise known as the first few months of the year. Mirror's Edge for consoles and PC is listed among EA's releases for the coming fiscal year, alongside games like Star Wars: Battlefront. It was also briefly mentioned on the investor's call that followed, albeit without more detail.

The list also revealed some games that won't be on that list, like a recently announced sequel to last year's Titanfall; on the call, investors were told that it would be "more likely in [fiscal year] 2017." And when asked about the equally nascent field of virtual reality, EA was noncommittal, saying that it was "looking at any and all" technology from VR goggles to holograms to physical VR rooms. It has "a few incubation efforts going on around the company," but not much else to report.

The original Mirror's Edge was released in 2008, and EA announced a new installment at E3 in 2013. This is often referred to as Mirror's Edge 2, but at E3 2014, EA suggested something more like a prequel, telling the story of protagonist Faith Connors before the first game's events. Game release dates can slip quickly, especially when they're this nebulous, so it's hard to put too much trust in the financial report's timeframe. It is, however, a reminder that the game still exists, and a harder date than anything we've gotten so far.

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Mirror's Edge used frequently frustrating combat mechanics and a complex free-running system appearing not long after the similarly parkour-friendly Assassin's Creed. More generally, though, it gave us one of gaming's best fictional women. Faith, a courier in a dystopian future, is defined more by her abilities and distinctive design than her gender. Some of her strongest relationships — positive and negative — are with other women, making her more than a token character or an exception. She's iconic in a way that few female characters are, and if this filing's date turns out to be accurate, we could be hearing more about her at E3 next month.