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Good deal: get three months of Spotify premium for 99 cents

Good deal: get three months of Spotify premium for 99 cents

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Good news for refugees of recently-shut-down-yet-kind-of-revived streaming music service Grooveshark: Spotify has a pretty good deal for you. If you're in the US and have never signed up for its paid service, Spotify is currently offering three months of it for just 99 cents total. That's a very nice markdown from the usual $9.99 a month Spotify charges. Similar to its previous three months for 99 cents a month deal (which is no longer a thing), it jumps back up to the usual rate when you're done. And if you used that deal or any existing discounts, you don't get this one.

There is some fine print though

Upgrading to Spotify's premium tier gets you no advertising, higher bitrates, and the capability to download music for offline listening. It might also end up the sole way to use Spotify if Apple gets its way. The company is currently vying to have the free tiers of Spotify and other streaming music services killed off as part of efforts to relaunch its own streaming service, which is expected to arrive next month.

While possibly unrelated, the deal popped up right after streaming service Grooveshark finally shut down. It reappeared this week under another domain (and ownership) with what it said was 90 percent of the streaming service's original catalog and most of its features. It's unclear how long that site will stay up though.