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Sharp is now selling smart TVs with Roku built in

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Roku is today adding another name to its list of smart TV partners: Sharp, which is now offering two TV sets with Roku built in. That makes Sharp the fifth company to get on board with the Roku TV program, which offers manufacturers a way to enhance their TVs with access to online content through a rich and useful interface that consumers actually like. Hisense, TCL, Insignia, and Haier are Roku's other four partners. None of them are huge names when it comes to high-quality TV sets, but Sharp is at least a modest step up.

Sharp is selling two TVs with Roku built in. A 43-inch model is available for $379.99, and a 50-inch model is available for $499.99. Both are 1080p, LED sets and are only being sold through Best Buy. They're available on the store's site right now, though neither appear to be shipping just yet.

Correction: Roku now has five Roku TV partners. An earlier version of this article said that it had four. The additional partner, Haier, was announced at CES but is not yet producing Roku TVs.