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Whoever made the new Magic Mike XXL trailer is having way more fun than you

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"Listen, our first trailer for Magic Mike XXL was heavy on the fan service, but I really think our innuendo-to-seconds ratio was way too low."

"But... we had 'Pony.' We literally had a possessed Channing Tatum start doing construction synced up to Ginuwine's masterpiece."

"That's fun, and that's fan service, but dammit we need more!"

"Hm. What if I use suggestive text?"

"OK, I like where this is going."

"... and then I'll break up the sentences..."

"Yes, yes, yes?"

"... in such a way that makes it sound even more... oh what's the word I'm looking for..."

"Yes, yes, yes?"





"Oh! And at one point Channing Tatum says it's one last ride — just like Fast and Furious."

"YES! YES! YES! Now, do we have any catchphrases we can use? Preferably something with a rhyming scheme."

"Hm, let's see... 'it's not bro time, it's show time.'"


"And.... hashtag #comeagain"