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Tesla announces 38,000 pre-orders for Powerwall home battery

Tesla announces 38,000 pre-orders for Powerwall home battery


Elon Musk says response has been "off the hook"

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During Tesla's earnings call, CEO Elon Musk just announced that the company has so far taken 38,000 reservations for its Powerwall home battery. "The response has been overwhelming. Like, crazy," Musk said. He went on to describe the reception to Tesla Energy's introduction as "crazy off the hook." Tesla has also tallied 2,500 reservations for the PowerPack. Musk said this actually equates to more like 25,000 since reservations averaged around 10 Powerpacks each. "The volume of demand here has just been staggering," he said. "It really feels like, man, the stationary storage demand is just nutty. Like, worldwide, it’s just crazy."

Those are strong numbers for Tesla's latest venture, and Musk sounds downright giddy. But the early success also means that some customers will be dealing with an extended wait. "There’s no way we can possibly satisfy this demand this year," Musk admitted. "We’re basically sold out through the first half of next year."