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Nintendo rides are coming to Universal theme parks

Nintendo rides are coming to Universal theme parks


Video game maker promises 'immersive experiences' under new partnership

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Nintendo's video game universe will soon come to life at Universal theme parks. The Japanese company today announced plans to create "spectacular, dedicated experiences" at Universal parks based on the characters and worlds of its video games.

The announcement comes on the heels of Nintendo's annual earnings report, which saw the company turn its first annual profit since 2011. Last year, Nintendo said it would "actively expand" licensing of its characters to third-party companies, something it's been very selective about in the past.

Details about its partnership with Universal remain slim. Nintendo did not disclose a timeline for its plans, nor did it specify what kind of "immersive experiences" the deal will entail, saying only that they'll involve its "most famous characters and games." Let's hope that includes a Rainbow Road roller coaster.