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Fox cancels The Mindy Project, may be revived on Hulu

Fox cancels The Mindy Project, may be revived on Hulu

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Fox's romantic comedy series The Mindy Project has been canceled. Entertainment Weekly reports that the show, which ended its third season in March, won't be back for a fourth outing this fall. The news comes as a blow to the show's small but devoted cult following, which comes out in droves on social media. However, talks with Hulu may see the series renewed on Hulu for follow-up seasons.

The Mindy Project, starring Mindy Kaling as obstetrician and hopeless romantic Mindy Lahiri, was never a ratings leader in its three-year run, and there have long been rumblings that the show was on the chopping block at Fox. However, the show has managed to do well with DVR and streaming viewers, which makes it less than surprising that fans reacted poorly to the news of the cancellation:

However, Deadline reports that the series may see new life on Hulu. Universal TV, the show's producer, is reportedly in talks with the company for two new seasons. The move certainly makes some sense, especially in light of shows like Community and Arrested Development making their way online in recent years, and Tina Fey comedy The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt earning raves for Netflix. Clearly, there's still some hope for romantics out there.