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Kanye West and Damon Dash made a movie that looks like a Tarantino ripoff

Kanye West and Damon Dash made a movie that looks like a Tarantino ripoff

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In a surprising collaboration of talent and resources, Kanye West and Roc-A-Fella Records founder Damon Dash are making movies together. The pair, as executive producers, are preparing to release Too Honorable, a crime drama starring Dash himself alongside a full roster of hip-hop talent, later this month for digital download. It's too bad that the movie looks a bit like a Quentin Tarantino knockoff, but more like it are almost certainly on the way.

Too Honorable is actually the second film made by the duo. Dash, who already has a number of film credits to his name, joined forces with Kanye back in February in a new effort to produce indie films and cut out the middle man. "This is like when Spielberg and Geffen got together and did Dreamworks," said Dash in an Instagram post. "Me and Kanye making movies." Their first episode of their short film Loisidas was released later that month, featuring appearances from The Lox and others.

Despite it being a gritty street tale, it never made much of a stir. However, the pair did wind up getting sued by a New York-based bachata group also known as Loisidas.

Regardless of the quality of their movies, Ye and Dame seem serious about making more going forward. Maybe their next will be a buddy comedy starring Kanye and Drake.