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Idris Elba broke an 88-year-old land speed record in a Bentley

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Because of course he did

On top of negotiating for a part in the next Star Trek filmPacific Rim and The Wire star Idris Elba just happened to break a British land speed record in a Bentley Continental GT Speed recently. You know. Like you do.

The record Elba broke, known as the Flying Mile, was originally set in 1927 by Sir Malcolm Campbell in his Blue Bird land speed record car. Campbell managed to hit 174.8mph that year, driving along the Pendine Sands stretch of beach on the south coast of Wales. Elba hit 180.361 in his Bentley, all for his upcoming Discovery Channel series Idris Elba: No Limits, which airs in July. All this has us wondering why he can't be the next James Bond.

Idris Elba

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