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Getty will pay Instagram shooters $30,000 to document 'underrepresented communities'

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Documenting unseen parts of the world is one of the beauties and deep challenges of photography, and now Getty Images wants to put that task in the hands of Instagram users. Today, the two companies announced a grant program through Getty that will reward three Instagram users who "document stories from underrepresented communities around the world." That's more clearly defined as taking 10-20 photos of places or events not often covered by mainstream media outlets but that are of social importance. And in a square format, of course.

Getty plans to pick from the applicants it receives then show that work to a panel of independent judges who will make the final call. The three winners then get $10,000 apiece, mentorship from one of Getty's staff photographers, and will have their work shown off at the Photoville exhibition in New York this fall. The deadline for entering is June 4th, and Getty says it will announce the winners of the program in September.