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Rolls-Royce's latest car includes a fashion shoot right on the factory floor

Following the Wraith Inspired by Film introduced earlier this year, Rolls-Royce is showing another take in its "inspiration" series: the Wraith Inspired by Fashion. And unlike film, it's pretty easy to see how the worlds of ultra-luxe automobiles and high fashion could intersect.

Although the car itself is basically a Wraith like any other, it's the details that count — welted silk on the door panels, for instance, a technique that Rolls-Royce says is a shout out to fine tailoring. The colorway includes two shades of white accented by the buyer's choice of "Jasmine," "Mugello Red," or "Tailored Purple." Overall, the car is overwhelmingly bright white, both inside and out.

No fashion-inspired car would be complete without a fashion shoot on the car's factory floor, which is exactly what Rolls-Royce did for this Wraith. There'll also be a big unveiling in partnership with Brooklyn's Pratt Institute at an event called "Women of Influence in the Business of Style," taking place later today.

The press release for the Wraith Inspired by Fashion notes that some 95 percent of Wraiths leave the factory with at least one bespoke element, so odds are good that if you're extraordinarily wealthy and order this one, you'll still end up customizing it in some way. (Keep the jasmine accents, they're a nice touch.)


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