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New Witcher 3 footage features sex on top of a unicorn

New Witcher 3 footage features sex on top of a unicorn


They've got magic to do

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Conan's "Clueless Gamer" continues to be a disappointment, each video a chance for the talk show host to make fun of nerd stereotypes. However, the bit also remains one of the best places to spot early footage of popular video games. I don't encourage anyone to watch this video for the jokes. If anything, you should click mute, turn on the Game of Thrones soundtrack, and catch a handful of zany moments from the upcoming fantasy role-playing game The Witcher 3.

Around the nine-minute mark, Conan finds a sex scene set on a stuffed unicorn. The scene itself seems self-aware. For those who only play a video game here and there, big budget games are finally getting better at depicting romantic sex. Last year's Dragon Age: Inquisition use sex scenes to introduce details about the character. They're human and humorous, not just flashes of nudity meant to arouse.

The Verge's Andrew Webster will have a review closer to the game's release on May 19th. He refuses to tell me just how many different mythological animals feature in the game's numerous sex scenes.