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Agent Carter gets renewed for a second season

Agent Carter gets renewed for a second season


Time to catch up

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Along with all the other comic book-based shows lining up for fall, Deadline reports that Marvel's Agent Carter has just been renewed for a second season on ABC. Agents of SHIELD is also heading to a third season, which makes for a strong showing for the comics company's network TV outings.

Strong reviews outweighed weak ratings

While Carter was never the strongest show in the ratings, it did earn praise from critics while building a loyal fanbase. Starring Hayley Atwell, the series follows the eponymous Peggy Carter — first introduced in Captain America: The First Avenger — in the years after World War II. Fans have responded well to Carter's being a strong woman, as she must balance work at SHIELD's precursor, the Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR), along with unraveling a plot concerning Howard Stark. Along with Daredevil, the show is widely regarded as the best TV show in Marvel's ever-expanding stable.

Agents of SHIELD has been a bigger ratings success than Carter, though it took longer to garner positive reviews. With stronger ties the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this past season introduced the Inhumans, which paves the way for the Inhumans film in 2019. Since that's four years away, fans should hope Marvel and ABC have stories lined up at least until then.