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Download 207 Aphex Twin tracks pulled from his emptied SoundCloud account

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Charley Gallay/Getty Images

Richard D. James removed most of the music from his official SoundCloud account this week, effectively scrubbing the service of more than 200 Aphex Twin songs, edits, and experimental tidbits. Now all of those releases are available to download in a single zip file.

After Aphex Twin dropped his great comeback album Syro last year, the British electronic wizard has been steadily churning out new and forgotten work. There was the nihilistic, queasy EP Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt. 2, there was the 1994 vinyl that originally only came out as a few test copies, and there was the mysterious SoundCloud user uploading demos.

Aphex Twin's almost bare SoundCloud is — like much of what Richard D. James does — largely a mystery, but the service has recently been having some issues with its monetization program. Whatever the cause, the internet has already found a way around it.