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Prince joins SoundCloud to release a Baltimore protest song

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It's called 'Baltimore'

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Prince just dropped a new song onto his SoundCloud (which is also new), and it's a tribute to Freddie Gray and the people of Baltimore. "Baltimore" is a delicate gospel track with a sly funk lining — it's got a Graffiti Bridge vibe to it — and paints a picture of people struggling against a world that's inherently hostile toward them. And there's some classic Purple One philosophizing going on too: "Peace is more than the absence of a war."

Prince has always been a little slow to adapt to the internet. He just started using Twitter in 2013, and still quickly scrubs any of his tracks that find their way to YouTube. But even as SoundCloud loses some big name artists over money, maybe Prince's arrival signals a... new power generation?

Prince will perform a concert in Baltimore tomorrow, which you'll be able to stream live on Tidal.