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BlackBerry kills Ryan Seacrest's iPhone keyboard

BlackBerry kills Ryan Seacrest's iPhone keyboard


Lawsuit settlement means no more Typo keyboards for the iPhone

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BlackBerry and Typo Keyboard, a company that makes a case for the iPhone that adds a hardware keyboard, have settled their long-running dispute over IP infringement, with the result being that Typo essentially can't make keyboards for smartphones anymore. The Typo Keyboard, which originally debuted in January 2014 and was backed with an investment by none other than Ryan Seacrest, attempted to provide a BlackBerry-style hardware keyboard for iPhone users, with less than stellar results.

BlackBerry sued the company for patent infringement shortly after the device hit the market, halting sales of the first version of Typo. A second version, the Typo2 built for the iPhone 6, was announced in late 2014, and BlackBerry filed a second lawsuit stating that the new version still infringed upon its copyrights.

Typo can no longer make keyboards for devices smaller than 7.9-inches

The full terms of the settlement were not disclosed, but according to a press release issued by BlackBerry, Typo and its affiliate companies have agreed to "permanently discontinue selling anywhere in the world keyboards for smartphones and mobile devices with a screen size of less than 7.9 inches." That leaves Typo the ability to continue selling its keyboard for the iPad mini or bigger devices, but eliminates any accessories for the iPhone or other smartphones.

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