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Watch a flawless mashup of The Shining and Grand Budapest Hotel

Watch a flawless mashup of The Shining and Grand Budapest Hotel


The Grand Overlook Hotel by Stephen King

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We watch a handful of YouTube film mashups each week, but rarely feel the urge to run them on the site. There was a period of carefully crafted mashups almost decade ago, but now the form is like the elephant graveyard of the internet's creativity.

Every so often, a skilled editor and digital effects artist creates something special that's more than two films simply thrown together underneath a loud song. "Wes Anderson's The Shining" by Steve Ramsden is the latest example. Ramsden deploys some subtle tricks to stitch The Shining and Grand Budapest Hotel into one cohesive trailer. Scenes from The Shining are color corrected to match Anderson's muted pastel scenery, and the trailer only uses shots from Kubrick's film that match the flat, diorama style of Grand Budapest.

The trailer also has a few nifty, but discrete special effects — look for the shot of Shelley Duvall exiting the Overlook Hotel hallway, and Ralph Fiennes entering the Grand Budapest Hotel living quarters. This video works because of all the effort that is best enjoyed unnoticed.