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Shia LaBeouf gives bonkers rant in front of a green screen, inspires internet gold

Shia LaBeouf gives bonkers rant in front of a green screen, inspires internet gold


Just do it

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Life is hard. Sometimes, it's even difficult. And when life gets hard, or tough, or completely nuts, it's nice to have somewhere to turn for a little pep talk. Thankfully, Shia LaBeouf and a group of students at Central Saint Martins art school in London have recently taken it upon themselves to bulk up your feel-good stockpile with something truly ridiculous. The group filmed LaBeouf giving a straight-faced speech that's part spiritual narrative, part flowery prose, and part meditation. Then there's a chaotic two-minute rant in the middle of the video when LaBeouf starts yelling like a football coach whose team is losing: "Just do it!" he yells, flexing his muscles into a horseshoe shape. "Don't let your dreams be dreams."

The speech would be fantastic enough as is, but there's one minor, important detail still left: the whole thing was filmed in front of a green screen. It's very likely the intention from the start was to throw this pure, golden creative fodder out into the world and let the internet run with it — and that's exactly what the internet has done.

Motivational Shia LaBeouf, adding more forehead sweat and agitation to the box scene in Seven:

Motivational Shia LaBeouf, as an unhinged guest who keeps showing up on your balcony:

Motivational Shia LaBeouf in Star Wars, like a loud, rat-tailed Yoda:

Motivational Shia LaBeouf, trying a different persuasion technique in 2001: A Space Odyssey:

Motivational Shia LaBeouf, motivating the academic elite:

LaBeouf, one of Earth's most confounding creatures, really plays his hand here, and he plays it well. Now there's nothing left but to just do it.