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Uber is now lobbying to win your heart

Uber is now lobbying to win your heart

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Excited teens packed into an SUV safely make their way to prom. A kind-looking father waits patiently in front of his Toyota Prius for a daughter who comes running out excitedly to greet him. After she jumps happily into his arms, he coos, "Good jump!" A second later, we see a woman helping two 20-somethings get an awkward houseplant into the tight confines of their apartment building. That same woman ends up at band practice later on, driving the same car. Everyone is smiling like we've just won another World War, or have not seen one another for months.

But actually, it's because they just got a car ride.

Everyone is happy in Uber world

This is Uber and the world it's opening up for people, according to a new commercial that popped up on the company's YouTube account and business blog today. It could honestly be an ad for just about anything — prescription drugs or a smartwatch, even — but the message here seems to be that everyone can be a driver, and they're happier with Uber around. Also, that your driver is not this person. Or this person. Or this person.

The ad falls along the lines of what Uber has attempted to preach to its drivers and customers in its battles to keep its service alive in places where local regulators have either shut it down or kept it out. The company has launched numerous grassroots campaigns asking for people to call local officials and sign petitions in areas where it's run into resistance. Perhaps we can view this as a similar form lobbying — just about letting Uber into our lives.

It's unclear what spurred the ad, but not where it's going to end up. The company tells The Verge that the commercial will exist only online, meaning it's not something people will catch while watching prime time TV.