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Windows 10 will cost $119 if you're not eligible for Microsoft's free upgrade

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Most people will get it free, but if not, it'll cost the same as Windows 8

Microsoft is giving the bulk of its Windows users a free upgrade to Windows 10 so long as they update within the first year. But for people who aren't eligible for that promotion, the company is maintaining status quo on single license pricing. If you've got an outdated version of Windows (anything older than 7) or build your own PCs, Microsoft's latest release will cost $119. That's for Windows 10 Home, and the Pro tier will be priced higher at $199. Windows 10 Home is the right choice for almost everyone, but if you need a feature that's only available in Pro, you can step up later by purchasing a $99 Windows 10 Pro Pack.

These prices are largely identical to those Microsoft chose for Windows 8. So while the free upgrade is a stellar deal for anyone that's kept up with the Windows release cycle, those planning to build their own system in the coming months and consumers who lack an eligible PC won't be seeing the same perks. (You can purchase most any new PC right now and get the free jump to Windows 10.) Microsoft plans to offer Windows 10 single licenses both online and in retail stores. The major operating system update is slated to launch on July 29th.

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