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Caitlyn Jenner just broke the record for fastest to reach 1 million Twitter followers

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Sorry, Obama

Helping to cement her newfound icon status, Caitlyn Jenner just set a new record for the quickest to reach one million Twitter followers. Politico reports and Guinness World Records confirms that she pulled it off in just over four hours. President Obama, who set the last record only two weeks ago, reached a million in about five.

Despite some expected backlash from more conservative corners of the internet, Jenner's debut on social media and on the cover of Vanity Fair was met with applause and support from observers and her children:

Since announcing her transition on ABC News earlier this year, Jenner — already a celebrity by dint of her Olympic career and high-profile family — has been the subject of fascination, especially considering the strides the transgender community has made in recent years. That fascination turned into appreciation with one powerful cover today.