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Apple's internet TV service won't be unveiled at WWDC

Apple's internet TV service won't be unveiled at WWDC

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Apple's much-anticipated internet TV service won't be getting a grand reveal at next week's WWDC keynote. According to a report from Recode (now part of Vox Media), the company has told high ranking TV executives that a launch has been pushed off "until later this year, or in 2016." Apple is apparently having difficulty hammering out licensing deals with networks and local broadcasters. This has forced the company to adjust its launch timeframe; originally Apple was aiming for a debut in early fall — just as new seasons premiere on major TV stations.

One sticking point in negotiations has been Apple's desire to include live programming from the biggest broadcast networks in cities "across the US." ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC don't directly own their local affiliates in many markets, which has complicated matters for Apple

Sony's PlayStation Vue offers live network streams, but after nearly three months, the web TV service still hasn't spread beyond its small batch of launch cities — a clear example of the headaches Apple faces as it tries to bring live network streams to a larger audience. Sling TV does not offer live, local programming, a decision that allowed Dish to launch the product nationwide, even if it meant being without some popular shows. So while iOS 9, OS X 10.11, and a new subscription music service are likely to make appearances next Monday, it seems Apple won't be ready to share its vision for internet TV just yet.