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Samsung’s transparent and mirrored displays look like optical illusions

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Samsung has unveiled a pair of new 55-inch OLED displays — one of which is transparent, and the other functions as a mirror. Both, the company says, can do wonders for the worlds of retail and advertising, but let's face it, they also look very, very cool. While mirrored and transparent LCD displays have been around for a while now, Samsung says its OLED technology (the first of its kind) offers better contrast and viewing angles. The company says that while the transparent displays might be used for (slightly dull) tasks like better signage, mirrored OLED panels could be combined with Intel's 3D RealSense cameras to create virtual changing rooms. We imagine the same technique could be applied to ads too, although a world full of shop fronts that dress you up as you walk by sounds just a tad hellish to us.

Samsung's 55-inch mirrored OLED display. (Samsung)